Profile #1 : Matt Storm

Name: Matt Storm (yes that’s his real last name)

Section: 111

Occupation: Owner of the Masonry, a pizza and beer joint on lower Queen Anne

Claim to Fame: His family has had season tickets to the Seahawks since 1998

We first met Matt outside the North entrance to Century Link field. Within the last 60 minutes we had exchanged a handful of tweets, a direct message, and a text message or two. All that Matt knew about us could have been summed up on the back of a matchbook (it wasn’t very much). Yet here we were, finding him and his Dad in a crowd of Sounders fans, shaking his hand for the first time. Matt greeted us warmly, and proceeded to hand over two of his season ticket match passes. These were no single game tickets, no, these were the hard plastic, real deal, legitimate match passes, being handed over to complete strangers. “See you inside,” were his only instructions.

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Citizen Sounder : Matt Storm

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